Artificial Intelligence-driven news distribution

PressHalo is improving the way organizations deliver news and announcements to the media with our AI-driven news distribution solutions.

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Next generation news distribution

The volume of news grows every day, so it's essential to make sure yours finds the right journalist or blogger, at the right time. PressHalo’s news distribution products bring the unprecedented power of AI to today’s corporate communications and media professionals, improving engagement, increasing awareness and boosting coverage.

Using artificial intelligence, PressHalo creates a way of matching the content of your news directly with the people most likely to find it interesting, write about it, or comment on it.

Intelligence in action

With the flexibility of integrating data from different sources, our AI's analysis and understanding of news is richer and more context-aware than ever before. Combining this unique and powerful technology with an AI that constantly learns and adapts to what journalists, bloggers and analysts write about, means we know exactly who is most likely to find your news interesting – and delivers it straight to them.

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