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Algo-Chain launches an AI driven model portfolio toolkit

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By offering a Model Portfolio Toolkit, Algo-Chain seeks to help Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers provide their clients with a more personal investment service.  Employing techniques from Data Science, the toolkit searches a range of asset allocations and recommends a suite of top quartile target risk portfolios built using ETFs.

LONDON 8 April 2022 – Algo-Chain, a FinTech company specializing in ETF portfolio strategies, has launched an AI Driven Model Portfolio Toolkit, targeted at Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers.  Delivered via Algo-Chain’s online platform, this service provides advisors access to a Model Portfolio construction tool that will take the heavy lifting out of the fund selection and portfolio construction process.  What used to take 3 or 4 days can now be achieved in 10 minutes. 

Algo-Chain’s founding partners, Dr Allan Lane & Dr Irene Bauer, who both hold PhDs in Mathematics, have developed a framework that captures the latest market conditions and the impact across a range of asset and sub-asset classes, and for each level of Target Risk, translates this into a set of suggested portfolios, which an advisor can use as the suggested asset allocation for any client recommendations. 

Increasingly as Wealth Managers look to offer a bespoke service in the guise of a core/satellite construction, less time spent constructing the core portfolios provides the perfect opportunity to select satellite investments that match the client’s interests and expectations. 

Allan Lane, one of the Co-Founders says, “With over 12,000 Exchange Traded Funds listed on exchanges globally, it is becoming a full-time occupation knowing which funds to include in any given portfolio.  Consequently, if the insights that AI can bring to the process of fund selection leads to better outcomes and lower costs, then Advisors need all the automation tools they can lay their hands on.”

This service is available on a subscription basis, with a monthly plan starting at £195 + VAT, with an introductory free 7-day trial.

About Algo-Chain

Algo-Chain is a London based innovator in the FinTech space, providing automation investment tools, including ETF portfolio strategies, to the Wealth Management industry, founded in 2018 by Dr Allan Lane & Dr Irene Bauer who between them spearheaded BlackRock’s iShares’ investment research initiative in Europe.

Industry estimates suggest that in Europe & Asia alone over $1.5tr of wealth and assets are transferred to the next generation each year as a result of succession planning.  For this reason, Algo-Chain’s mission is to ensure that those Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors remain relevant to the next generation of clients.

Central to that roadmap is the deployment of an Artificial Intelligence driven Portfolio Wizard and open architecture API, enabling all sizes of Wealth Management firms to offer a cost-effective personalized investment service, including ESG and Digital Currency based solutions.


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