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Blue Lion Research receives recognition from The Hedge Fund Journal for its work in the field of AI-driven fund analysis

LONDON, 25 April 2017: Blue Lion Research, the provider of AI-driven research and analysis to fund managers and allocators, has won Most Innovative Analytics award from The Hedge Fund Journal for its work in the application of artificial intelligence technology to hedge funds. The award demonstrates the growing recognition among allocators and managers of the role that machine learning and AI can play in fund research, fund selection and portfolio construction, answering questions that were difficult or even impossible to answer previously.

Grant Fuller, co-founder of Blue Lion Research, said: “Artificial intelligence provides the asset management industry with a new set of tools which can be used to analyse funds, including the dynamics between funds, markets and investors, providing allocators and managers with greater insight into the opportunities and vulnerabilities within the funds universe.”

By employing machine learning, investors can view new aspects of a fund, including its closest peers and how the fund is differentiating itself from its closest competitors. For managers, AI provides the ability to assess the likely appetite that might exist for their funds, and the amount of capital they might expect investors to allocate.

Added Fuller:  “This technology is able to help assess how challenging markets have been for a fund and its strategy. It allows allocators to monitor funds for increasing evidence of stress that might signal a need to engage with the manager more closely. Similar, managers might want to adjust their investment communications based upon how challenging markets have been for them and for their peers.”

Barry O’Leary, Director of Operations at Blue Lion Research, said: “Because allocators have additional insights available to them, they’re able to ask more detailed, pointed questions of managers. This new perspective also enables managers to address investor questions with far more detailed and independent metrics than previously available.”

The principals behind Blue Lion have lengthy careers within the field of technology-driven research and its application within asset management. Fuller has worked with Bloomberg and RiskMetrics while O’Leary has worked for over 20 years within major financial institutions, including Citigroup and HSBC.


About Blue Lion Research

Blue Lion Research generates a unique and unprecedented view of alternative funds and the markets they operate in through its innovative artificial intelligence technology. Blue Lion Research’s AI combines detailed analysis of fund documentation, with discovery of patterns and relationships between funds, their strategies, their performance, peers, markets and investors to provide insights not traditionally possible previously. Blue Lion Research's AI supports investor due diligence, fund selection and portfolio construction, and assists managers as they seek to evidence and articulate their strategy and key differentiators.

More information about Blue Lion Research can be found at the company's website: Blue Lion Research Limited is an Appointed Representative of Thornbridge Investment Management LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Press release distributed by PressHalo on behalf of Blue Lion Research, on 25th April, 2017.