Changing shipping industry is asking more of its MBA candidates

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Technical specialists have to broaden their skill set to cope with a changing industry, says Copenhagen Business School

COPENHAGEN, 28 July 2017: The world of shipping is changing, and with it the demands being made of senior personnel, according to Irene Rosberg, director of the world-famous Blue MBA for shipping executives.

Taught by the Copenhagen Business School, the Blue MBA is specifically designed to meet the needs of those seeking a management career in shipping. Because many hail from more specialist niches within the industry, where technical expertise is required, the MBA course needs to help them to acquire the management skills they will need to cope with broader challenges within the sector.

“Traditionally, it was enough to be a specialist in one of the segments of the shipping industry and advance your career that way,” explains Rosberg. “In an increasingly competitive market, to get ahead executives now have to learn other skills, like financial risk management, investment analysis, more general business strategy or how to read market cycles.”

Shipping is a business, and subject to many of the same pressures and challenges other sectors need to cope with.

The course typically graduates around 45 students every second year, both men and women. Senior shipping executives from over 40 countries have passed through its doors. Part of its focus is to make students more aware of the external factors that can affect the profitability of shipping businesses, allowing them to be more skilled at reacting to them.

Participants who take the MBA course are typically already employed in the shipping or shipping-related industries with positions anywhere in the world. For them to be able to study and listen to lectures the course needs to fit around them rather than the other way around. That’s why the Blue MBA is tailored so that students can continue full time work. It provides them with an opportunity for hands-on experience and work on study projects which are as much as possible linked to their existing companies.

Students are assigned personal coaches from the industry and academia, and wherever possible study is linked to projects that have real, practical applications with a student’s current employer. The mentors make sure that the projects and assignments are academically viable while at the same time being relevant to the student's work in real life.

Rosberg has been Course Director for 16 years, steering the prestigious Executive Shipping and Logistics, Blue MBA course to such accolades as the Danish Maritime Prize. Taught in Copenhagen, at the CBS campus, the course can fit in well with busy schedules, as the city is also a hub for the global maritime industry. Reflecting the global nature of the industry, parts of the course are held in other countries. One MBA module is delivered in Hamburg where participants have access to the German shipping community, port and shipbuilding industry. Another module specialising in finance and risk management is delivered in London.


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Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today, with 20,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of eight Danish universities. The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (AKA: The Blue MBA) has a world-class reputation in the maritime industry and has been specifically designed for high-potential shipping executives.

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