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Ganita Group launches hub for fund manager start ups in Cyprus

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  • Fund umbrella to provide launch pad for new strategies
  • Linked to established and successful IFA distribution network
  • Full support on hand for new fund managers
  • Seven UCITS sub-funds expected to go live by February

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 15 December 2020: Ganita Group, the international wealth management and financial services group, has launched a new platform for start up funds and fund managers seeking international distribution. Based in Cyprus and regulated by CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), the new management company will serve as a platform for both aspiring and existing fund managers seeking to launch new investment strategies.

Ganita Asset Management is expecting to launch seven different sub-funds by the end of January. The Cyprus umbrella structure will allow for the passporting of UCITS and AIFM funds in the European Union, as well as international distribution outside the EU.

Ganita Asset Management will serve as a one stop shop for portfolio managers who wish to focus on their day to day investment management activities, without needing to worry about time consuming operational and distribution tasks.

“We are in discussions with several more fund managers who are interested in launching Cyprus funds who want to take advantage of this operations and distribution hub,” said Paul Smith, CEO of Ganita Group. “This includes portfolio managers from outside the UK. We want to offer them a very cost-effective solution that at the same time comes with real distribution opportunities through our established wealth management and IFA network. This is a complete package for those who want to create a new fund.”

Investment strategies will be subject to a thorough screening process by Ganita Asset Management before acceptance. This will include checking to ensure they as ESG-compliant.

Ganita Asset Management will also be offering office space in London to client fund managers who wish to take advantage of it. The company will assist fund managers with the full onboarding and regulatory approvals process.

“This is a new world, and believe it requires a new way of doing things,” said Rajesh Nair, Fund Director at Ganita Group. “Ganita Asset Management is about bringing real, cost-effective solutions to fund managers. When we talk about distribution, this represents meaningful distribution. We are also interested in nurturing new fund management talent and taking them successfully through the launch process.”

The company is recruiting new fund management talent as part of its graduate trainee scheme and is also actively hiring new personnel from the north of England to staff its headquarters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


About Ganita Asset Management

Ganita Asset Management is the fund management and operations arm of Ganita Group, responsible for asset management operations and distribution activities in the UK and Cyprus. Ganita was founded in 2008 as a fund manager, since then expanding into wealth management and distribution activities. Ganita Asset Management is a new venture that provides cost-effective operational, regulatory and distribution services to start-up UCITS funds.

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