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IRHalo and Blue Lion Research Launch Hedge Fund Investor Appetite Indexes

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New benchmarks to track estimated investor appetite for eight hedge fund strategies.

LONDON, 9 May 2017: IRHalo, the investor relations technology, communications and automation platform for fund managers, is partnering with Blue Lion Research, the specialist fund manager and investor research firm, to publish a series of Investor Appetite Estimate (IAE) indexes. The IAE indexes will be updated on a monthly basis and track the likely appetite of institutional investors for hedge funds in eight separate hedge fund strategies.

Leveraging the latest machine learning techniques, the indexes go beyond traditional flow analysis and represent advanced probabilistic models which gauge the estimated appetite investors may have for specific hedge fund strategies. They will be valuable in helping fund managers and capital raisers to evaluate changing demands in the investor universe.

The eight initial strategies that will be tracked are as follows:

  • Arbitrage Hedge Funds
  • Distressed Debt Hedge Funds
  • Equity Long Short Hedge Funds
  • Equity Market Neutral Hedge Funds
  • Event Driven Hedge Funds
  • Fixed Income Hedge Funds
  • Macro Hedge Funds
  • Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds

“These indices go far beyond the usual performance and risk metrics,” Stuart Fieldhouse, co-founder of IRHalo, commented. “They have been developed using Blue Lion Research’s highly in-depth, dynamic analysis of hedge funds and investment trends, drawing on a large amount of data and observations that really can only be made with artificial intelligence. From an investor relations perspective, they are an invaluable tool helping those involved in raising – and retaining – capital to measure likely market appetite for their strategy.”

Grant Fuller, co-Founder of Blue Lion Research, which calculates the indices, said: “AI opens a new dimension to fund analysis and research, offering insights not possible previously. Investor Appetite Estimate is one example, and these indexes provide industry participants a better way to estimate likely appetite for a fund, a managed account or a strategy than was available previously.”

The indexes will be available on the IRHalo website at and will be appearing regularly with commentary in the pages of Pageant Media’s HFM Investor Relations magazine (


About Blue Lion Research

Blue Lion Research generates a unique and unprecedented view of alternative funds and the markets they operate in through its innovative artificial intelligence technology. Blue Lion Research’s AI combines detailed analysis of fund documentation, with discovery of patterns and relationships between funds, their strategies, their performance, peers, markets and investors to provide insights not traditionally possible previously. Blue Lion Research's AI supports investor due diligence, fund selection and portfolio construction, and assists managers as they seek to evidence and articulate their strategy and key differentiators.

About IRHalo

IR Halo is a comprehensive communications platform designed for the needs of investor relations professionals in the alternative assets industry. Aimed in particular at the small to medium sized firm, its design has been informed by investor feedback, delivering secure communications tools based on industry best practice. In addition, IR Halo can provide unique insights and alerts that help our clients to take a more proactive approach with investor and media communications.

Press release distributed by PressHalo on behalf of IRHalo, on 9th May, 2017.