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Irithmics for PR to provide artificial intelligence insight into how news affects investors

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LONDON (Jun 28, 2018) - Irithmics, a UK-based AI fintech, has released Irithmics for PR: the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for Financial Public Relations (PR) and Investor Relations (IR) advisors to assess the impact news is likely to have on the institutional investors of publicly traded corporates.

Irithmics’ cloud-based technology provides PR and IR advisors with an overview of their listed client portfolio, enabling them to measure, monitor and anticipate the likely impact of news, data and announcements on their clients’ institutional investors. Irithmics also provides PR and IR professionals with alerts and notifications in response to significant changes in investor sensitivity to news, allowing them to proactively respond to changing conditions which may impact their clients.

The AI technology at the heart of Irithmics is already used by fund managers, listed corporates and stock exchanges and identifies patterns in the behaviour, dynamics and portfolios of global institutional investors and funds, estimating the effect news, data or announcements may have on investors, causing them to re-evaluate or adjust their holding in a particular corporate.

Using the AI technology within Irithmics for PR, advisors are better able to demonstrate the benefit of effective and strategic communications to their listed clients, more clearly evidencing the impact of news and communication management on institutional investors and markets.

“Irithmics for PR enhances the value listed clients receive from their financial public and investor relations advisors”, says Grant Fuller, Irithmics Co-Founder. “The data-driven insights generated from our unique AI technology enable listed corporates to better mobilise the higher value, strategic services and expertise of their advisors. The technology means advisors and their listed clients are able to more effectively demonstrate the benefit of a communications strategy which is synchronised with investors’ appetite for news.”

From helping to understand and anticipate the intensity of investor reaction to earnings announcements, corporate actions, business updates or even competition, regulatory and macroeconomic news, Irithmics for PR provides a unique insight into the behaviour and dynamics of institutional investors as they assimilate, evaluate and react to news.

For PR and IR advisors with clients concerned about their stock performance, Irithmics for PR provides invaluable insight into the influence news is likely to have on investors and helps estimate and manage the consequences of this. Together, corporates and their advisors can make informed, data-driven decisions about the impact of news on investors.

Available for UK, US and Australian listed corporates, Irithmics for PR provides daily updates and alerts of its assessments, assisting advisors who want to proactively react to the evolving news flow that is likely to affect the investors of their listed clients, helping to provide a more effective, data-driven and tailored service.


About Irithmics

Irithmics is a UK-based AI fintech, providing global asset managers, listed corporates and stock exchanges with technology and data to measure, monitor and anticipate changes in the behaviour and dynamics of institutional investors. Identifying these emerging trends enhances investor engagement and provides differentiating portfolio and risk management capabilities.

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