Prestige Funds Launches Distribution Share Classes For Dedicated SME Private Lending Fund

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Growing interest in private debt as an asset class by investors seeking uncorrelated yield has led to the launch of additional share classes.

LONDON 7 August 2019: Prestige Funds is launching two new distribution share classes for its Commercial Finance Opportunities Fund (“CFO”), a Luxembourg based, open-ended SICAV that launched in 2013.

CFO is a direct lending fund that focuses on invoice, asset and commercial finance opportunities, primarily in the UK, and operates a highly diversified investment portfolio of short term commercial and industrial loans.

The new share classes are:

•           Distribution ID share classes which are aimed at institutional investors with a minimum investment of USD 1,000,000 (or currency equivalent) and quarterly liquidity (on 90 days’ notice).

•           Distribution D share classes which are aimed at advisory investors with a minimum investment of USD 100,000 (or currency equivalent) and quarterly liquidity (on 30 days’ notice).

The launch of these new share classes was prompted by increased investor interest in the CFO strategy from both institutional and advisory clients globally. The new share classes will help to generate more liquidity for investors’ portfolios and be similar to a bond coupon or equity dividend.

Commercial Finance Opportunities was launched in 2013 but since then has grown to almost USD 200 million in assets under management. During that period the Fund has generated an average annualised USD return of 7.35%.

Commercial Finance Opportunities produces returns which are not correlated to bond or equity markets by lending to small businesses looking to scale up their business without usually having to give away equity. It provides a vital source of commercial funding for companies and supports important job creation at a time when many commercial banks are withdrawing from SME lending.

Commercial Finance Opportunities lends to businesses via a specialist commercial loan originator (Finance Arranger) that has lent more than GBP1.1 billon / USD 1.4 billion to more than 5000 small and medium size companies since 2011; demonstrating the relative short-term nature of the portfolio.

During H1/2018, Commercial Finance Opportunities listed on Euronext Dublin making it more attractive and accessible to a wider range of international, institutional investors. Since then, its assets under management have almost doubled. The Fund operates with an annual management fee of 1.50% and has no performance fee.

Craig Reeves, founder of Prestige, commented: “Investor appetite for private lending strategies has been growing steadily over the last few years as government bond yields have descended into negative territory. With no sign of this trend reversing in the near future, more investors have been investigating private debt funds as an alternative.”

Prestige is on course to host a record number of site visits by investors to its London and Cambridge based finance operations this year, as well as fulfilling the highest volume of loans to the largest number of customers in its operating history.

The Macro Environment - SMEs

UK SME demand for finance continues to grow at a time when some high street banks have been leaving the market to focus on other areas of lending. In 2017 alone asset financing channeled GBP 18.6 billion into the SME sector, along with more than GBP 9 billion from invoice financing.

Many SMEs lack the conventional security needed to access bank loans or simply don’t ‘fit the profile’ for larger banks. Much of this deal flow is also being passed onto asset finance specialists by banks that are not prepared to onboard non-standard SME loans. This is creating a steady source of business for private lending entities.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 new company start up activity in the UK has passed the 400,000 market, according to data from UK Finance. This is higher than forecast prior to the financial crisis and represents a sustained upturn in entrepreneurial activity in the country.

Invoice finance, property finance and asset finance are valuable sources of funding for UK SMEs, helping to make their cash flow more predictable and avoiding the need to enter into lending relationships which could be detrimental to the long-term growth prospects.

According to UK Finance, even factoring in the impact of Brexit (the vast majority of UK SMEs have little to no exposure to the EU), gross new supply of lending finance to UK SMEs is projected to continue to grow to between GBP 119 billion and GBP 145 billion by 2024/25. It is anticipated that non-bank lending will constitute most of this growth.

SOURCE:  UK Finance, Responsible Finance and the Bank of England

The Macro Environment - Population growth

With rising costs across almost all industrial and commercial sectors, and a rising population, there is an increasing demand to finance scale, efficiency and productivity.

Over the last century, the global population has quadrupled. In 1915, there were 1.8 billion people in the world. Today, according to the most recent estimate by the UN, there are 7.3 billion people - and we may reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

With approximately 64 million people in the UK (of whom approximately 8m were born overseas), and with 5.7 million SMEs operating with the lowest unemployment in almost 45 years, we believe this represents a significant opportunity for investors to finance scale and growth opportunities.

The Macro Environment - Our investors

Negative Interest Rates / Low Bond Yields have created many “richly priced” equity markets. CONSIDER: Private Debt

These remain interesting times for both financial markets and financial advisors. Prestige, via specialist companies, operates several interesting non-market based, alternative investment opportunities that continue to produce positive results with a low correlation to traditional fixed income and equity based markets.

The nature of our direct lending businesses is specialist; Prestige Funds are niche, experienced investor strategies that can sit at the periphery of any portfolio. However, since there remains a significant number of sovereign and corporate bond yields and interest rates operating with near zero throughout Europe and elsewhere while at the same time many equity markets look “richly priced”, there is perhaps now more than at any time in recent history a requirement to provide investors with a genuine alternative inflation hedge in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world.

Alternative Lending & Private Debt has become a genuine asset class

As interest rates have risen in the USA and elsewhere there is increasing pressure on bond prices as well as rising volatility in many equity markets. Investor interest in the direct lending / private debt space continues to increase especially since access to credit from traditional lenders for many small businesses has yet to recover to pre-2008 financial crisis levels. We are seeing an increasing number of Independent Asset Managers, Family Offices and Pension Funds allocating to this area.

Stuart Fieldhouse

Communications Director

Hawksmoor Partners, London

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Prestige is also committed to continuously improving all areas of its business while empowering and developing its diverse team of professionals - many of whom come from senior positions within banking, finance and investment management.

The key strengths of Prestige are People, Processes and Systems

Prestige was established just months before the largest ever global financial crisis which continues to significantly shape many aspects of our world today in economic, political and social terms.

Since then, and against many odds, Prestige has successfully launched several businesses and innovative financial products and services that now includes a team of over 100 professionals in the UK and several international financial centres as well as raising over USD 1.9 billion. It is testament to the hard work of its various teams, the systems and processes used, and the products and services created that the Prestige business continues to grow and evolve.

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