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Qineqt Secures Series A Financing, Bringing Total Funding to $6M

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NEW YORK, 15 December: Qineqt, a data company that is building a revolutionary foundational data architecture for investment managers, today announced the first close of its Series A Round. The new $1.3M investment led by two private investors brings Qineqt’s total funding to date to $6 million. The company will apply the new capital to further build out its global data and technology operations, including hiring additional data architecture and industry experts.

CEO Nadir Khan conceived the idea for Qineqt while running hedge fund Timescape Global Capital Management, which he co-founded after working as a trader and analyst at SAC Capital. “We know that the explosion of data is reshaping the landscape of alpha generation, but investment managers tell us that data management is a huge pain point for them. The volume of data requires enhanced data management, including new tools and dynamic methodologies which most funds don’t have the infrastructure for.” said Khan.

Qineqt’s team brings its unique methodology -- building bespoke data discovery solutions in collaboration with leading global investment managers -- to large funds that are facing the challenges, and rising to the opportunities, of big data. Qineqt is focused on optimizing data structures, creating deep data repositories, and building a robust historical catalyst library that allows investors to establish sustainable data retrieval processes.

“Data-management issues can undermine even the top investment team’s ability to achieve persistent, continuous alpha,” said Khan. Even with the most established sources, there remains the burdensome tasks of cleaning, storing, and structuring data properly. Qineqt provides a core taxonomy of the financial markets that investment managers can use for predictive analytics, development of proprietary signals, and management of data correlations that will unlock investment opportunity.

Qineqt is building the world’s largest and deepest adaptive data foundation for investment managers. By providing context to new data sources and laying out a dynamic data infrastructure that gets smarter with each new sophisticated investor, Qineqt enhances the raw materials investors need to define correlations and implement strategies within their own environment. “The successful investors of the future aren’t spending more than 20% of their time on data sourcing or scrubbing, they’re partnering with experts to structure and fill information gaps with superior data so they can focus on what they do best. We’re excited to be part of what’s driving that paradigm shift, and to continue our story of growth," Khan says.

About Qineqt

Qineqt’s mission is to build the world’s largest & deepest adaptive data foundation industry-by-industry, arming sophisticated investors with the superior data required to succeed in this new landscape of alpha generation. Founded in 2013 by Nadir Khan, former trader and hedge fund manager, Qineqt collaborates with leading investment managers to create data repositories that facilitate the development of clients’ proprietary strategies and help them reach their goals faster. The Qineqt method captures depths and catalysts that give investors the tools to uncover correlations never before realized. Qineqt is headquartered in NYC, and has 220 employees across 3 global locations.

Contact: Alex Breines
Phone:  (646) 661-1924

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