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TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. is focused on hemp-based products that have been demonstrated to aid in improving health, quality of life, and overall wellness. Taat provides a better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well as, or better than, traditional cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes effectively deliver high yielding CBD & CBG without the “high” and without the scent or taste of cannabis.

Press releases

Edmond DeFrank (R), IP Counsel, TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness

TAAT™ Brings on U.S. Patent Attorney with Fortune 100 Experience as Counsel to Manage IP

January 18, 2021

Given the competitive significance of intellectual property in the tobacco industry, the Company has brought on registered U.S. Patent Attorney Edmond DeFrank as counsel to manage its IP portfolio. Mr. DeFrank has written and prosecuted more than 1,000 patent and trademark applications for clients to include Microsoft, IBM, and NASA. Mr. DeFrank also provides anti-counterfeiting services, working with government bodies as well as some of the world’s largest e-commerce and social media platforms to prevent counterfeit consumer goods from entering the market. The Company intends to utilize Mr. DeFrank’s comprehensive scope of experience to strengthen, maximize, and protect its intellectual property portfolio.