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Thornbridge Investment Management LLP has been named as Leading Fund Structuring Expert 2018 - London

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The finance industry is a key driver of the global economy; from asset managers through to bankers, investment advisors to software developers, lawyers through to insurance professionals, it is all of these enterprises that keep the global economy turning. The 2018 Global Business Excellence Awards are dedicated to supporting and recognising these talented and dedicated firms, individuals and departments from all across the globe. Wealth & Finance launched the 2018 Global Business Excellence Awards on the back of months of qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by their in-house research team.

About Thornbridge

Thornbridge has an award-winning team offering regulatory hosting and investment fund services. We provide a comprehensive, flexible, robust and cost-effective solution to fund managers, wealth managers, platform operators, fintechs and marketing firms.

More information about Thornbridge can be found at the company's website:

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Patrick Hall                    +44 (0)20 3972 4512

James Bedford              +44 (0)20 3972 4511

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