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Thornbridge provides FCA umbrella services to Finovation UK Limited

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LONDON, 8 March 2017: Thornbridge Investment Management LLP (Thornbridge) is pleased to announce the provision of FCA umbrella services for Finovation UK Limited. MyFutureNow is a trading name of Finovation UK Limited which is now an appointed representative of Thornbridge.

About Thornbridge

Thornbridge provides a comprehensive FCA regulatory umbrella solution alongside a range of connected services. We offer fund managers, wealth managers, crowd funding platforms, litigation funders and financial data providers an appropriate level of regulation cover. Through our partner companies we also provide a range of services that include legal, accounts, HR and general administration. Thornbridge delivers a robust and cost effective solution for firms of all sizes based both in the UK and overseas.

More information about Thornbridge can be found at the company's website:

Contact details

Patrick Hall                                      +44 (0)20 8004 3276

James Bedford                          +44 (0)20 8004 3275

About MyFutureNow

MyFutureNow is a trading name of Finovation UK Limited. MyFutureNow helps pension scheme members to trace and consolidate multiple pensions. The pension does not follow the person when moving jobs in the UK so millions are left with multiple pensions and no aggregated view of their data to help them make better decisions. MyFutureNow overcomes customer inertia by giving scheme members a quick and pain free way of tracing and consolidating their pensions. We use automation and a smart process to deliver this B2B service to pension providers looking for a cost efficient and compliant way of increasing their assets under management.

More information about MyFutureNow can be found on their website:

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