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TrackInsight Launches ESG Observatory in Wake of Surging ESG ETF Demand

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  • ESG ETFs Grew by 223% to $189bn in 2020, nearly 200 new listings
  • ESG Observatory developed in partnership with independent ESG verifier, Conser, and with support from the SDG Investors Partnership of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • Offers unique data-driven insights into the rapidly evolving ESG ETF Landscape

TrackInsight, the world’s first Exchange Traded Fund analysis platform, has launched ESG Observatory, an online hub that provides tools, data and analysis on the global market for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ETFs, for investors looking to build sustainability into their ETF portfolios.

ESG Observatory has been formed of a unique triumvirate with unsurpassed knowledge of the ETF and Sustainable Investment industries; combining the ETF expertise of TrackInsight, the independent ESG Consensus® methodology of Conser and guidance on mapping ETFs against the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the SDG Investors Partnership of UNCTAD - the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. ESG Observatory is supported and sponsored by Amundi Asset Management.

ESG Observatory provides transparency for users who seek to invest with purpose by helping them to monitor key ESG investment trends, compare the different ESG strategies offered by ETF issuers and measure which products are contributing most towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

TrackInsight data shows that ESG ETFs were one of the fastest growing portions of the ETF market in 2020 with assets surging by $131Bn (+223%). Investors were also inundated with an array of new ESG ETF launches as nearly 200 new ESG ETFs were listed worldwide - over 540 are now available.

James Zhan, Senior Director of Investment and Enterprise at UNCTAD, commented: “In view of the material risks posed by issues such as climate change and the global pandemic, investors are paying increasing attention to sustainability in their investment decisions. By looking into the impact of ESG ETFs from the SDG angle, we believe TrackInsight’s ESG Observatory can help align financial products with sustainable outcomes, and ultimately contribute to channelling finance to key SDG sectors.”

Angela De Wolff, Managing Partner, Conser added: “Investors are lost in an ESG jungle, they are looking  for clarity and simplicity.  We are delighted to embark on this new transparency initiative and join forces with TrackInsight and UNCTAD to bring comparability among ESG ETFs. With TrackInsight’s accurate and independent analytics, Conser’s innovative ESG analysis and UNCTAD unique authority and expertise, we want to empower international investors by bringing sustainability awareness into the growing market of ETFs.”

Fannie Wurtz, Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, Amundi noted: “As a credible leader in sustainable investing, Amundi is delighted to support this important initiative from TrackInsight.  By providing transparency and facilitating the comparison of ESG ETFs from all issuers, the ESG Observatory will empower investors to make the right decisions for their ESG allocations.”

Jean-Rene Giraud, Founding CEO of TrackInsight said: “The astonishing pace of adoption for ESG ETFs is being driven by demand from institutional and retail investors who realise that their investment decisions have consequences and who want to invest with purpose. With the market for ESG ETFs exploding worldwide, ESG Observatory provides a valuable resource for those investors who want independent data and information on the market, knowledge of the investment choices they have and metrics to gauge which ETFs are contributing most to a sustainable future.”

ESG Observatory complements the existing ESG ratings and detailed ESG exposure breakdowns available on It provides free data, research and tools to investors looking to build sustainability into their ETF portfolios and is sponsored by Amundi Asset Management.

About TrackInsight:

TrackInsight™ is the world’s first Exchange-Traded Funds analysis platform. TrackInsight™ serves the global ETF investment community by providing daily data and in-depth analytics on over 6,000 ETFs listed worldwide, alongside powerful ETF screening and selection tools and independent insights into the global ETF market.

About Conser:

Founded in 2007 in Geneva, CONSER is an advisory company 100% dedicated to responsible investment. It acts as independent ESG verifier. The company has developed a unique and innovative ESG proprietary digital tool to assess portfolio sustainability profiles. Inspired by the Jury theorem, the ESG Consensus ® methodology gathers intelligence to get closer to a truth. This meta-analysis of multiple ESG sources is based on implicit opinions of rating agencies and sustainable asset managers

 About UNCTAD:

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) supports developing countries to access the benefits of a globalized economy more fairly and effectively. To do this, we provide data and analysis, facilitate consensus-building, and offer technical assistance. This helps countries to use trade, investment, finance, and technology as vehicles for inclusive and sustainable development, including the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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