Kaleidoscope Capital & Twenty20 Investments Double Up On Their Robo-Advisory Initiative

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Ahead of the FCA’s Industry Review, ETF specialist and active manager join forces to deliver the best of both worlds.

LONDON, 28 March 2017: Kaleidoscope Capital and Twenty20 Investments are pleased to announce the beginning of a strategic cooperation.

Twenty20 Investments is an advisory boutique headquartered in London, co-founded and managed by Allan Lane, with an established market leadership in ETFs and over 10 years’ experience in building ETF model portfolios.

Kaleidoscope Capital, which already provides multi-asset and multi-manager advisory solutions to institutional clients and funds, is looking to roll out a range of systematic risk-based model portfolios and innovative investment solutions for private clients by the end of H1 2017.

Through their joint effort, Kaleidoscope Capital and Twenty20 Investments will leverage on their complementary investment skills and background aiming to expand their existing product range and services offered, with a focus on robo-advisory solutions for private clients.

“I am thrilled to announce the start of the cooperation with Twenty20 Investments”, Davide Alfano, founding partner of Kaleidoscope Capital, said. “We share a similar work ethic and vision in terms of business development, we both have a corroborated systematic investment approach and we focus on different, and to some extent complementary, investment instruments and techniques. The JV will positively expand the breadth of the services offered to our clients”. “I strongly believe” – Davide added – “that the joint effort between the two organizations and teams will place us in a unique spot in the rapidly evolving robo-advisory space, particularly as soon as the market will shift its attention from robo-distribution to robo-investing”.

“We have been looking for a partner that excels in the selection of Active funds for some time now, and when the opportunity to work with Davide arose, I jumped at it”, Allan Lane, CEO of Twenty20 Investments, said. “The active vs. passive debate is already relegated to history, and I am confident that in the future it will be the ability to design investment solutions that skilfully combines the best of both worlds that will win the most business”.

"As an advisory board member and partner to Kaleidoscope Capital,” - Bobby Console-Verma added – “I am very pleased to have brought the two companies together and we can already see strong synergies between the relative offerings. There has already been a high degree of interest from platforms in the robo-advisory space who are interested in a more sophisticated offering which allows them to tilt the portfolio as required by their clients”.


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