New white paper published on the rise of European private capital markets

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Veneziano & Partners has published a white paper on the Rise of European Private Capital Markets. The white-paper intends to discuss the blossoming of European private capital markets and the consequences that the recent proposals of the European Commission on pre-marketing will have in respect of the dynamics of fundraising in Europe. This white-paper analyses in detail the implications of the proposed regulation on both the operational and legal elements involved in fundraising activities in Europe compared to the US markets. 

London, UK 12th October 2018 – Veneziano & Partners has today published a white paper entitled The Rise of European Private Capital Markets”.

The white-paper analyses the main elements, both operational and legal, involved in fundraising in European private capital markets and what US fund managers should pay attention to when considering fundraising in Europe.

European private capital markets have experienced a significant surge in the past years. Part of this phenomenon is linked to the progressive retrenchment of banks in certain parts of Europe. In fact, Basel III and the 2013 Capital Requirement Directive played a pivotal role in this process, by representing a real disincentive for banks to take part in the financing of small and medium enterprises, at least for the first years of the implementation of the new regulation. Whilst there were a few exceptions in certain European domiciles, by and large that was the case across Europe. 

However, the changed regulatory scenario would not have alone determined the success for private capital markets had the increasing constraints in the lending activities of banks not been coupled with the innovative mentality of the financial industry, ready to seize the opportunities represented by the new banking regulation and the space left available.

"We must note," says Attilio Veneziano, founder of Veneziano & Partners, "that the process of fundraising as a whole has different operational and legal aspects and US fund managers interested in European private capital markets are the ones who will have to adjust the most to the changes prompted by both the new and proposed regulation in Europe. At different levels, we have already noticed that the regulation in the old world is reshaping the environment for financial services in a way that becomes harder and harder to reconcile with the practices and approaches of the new world."

The white paper can be downloaded at:

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