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Veneziano & Partners launches a product to address the needs of fund managers who want to offer their investment funds and strategies across Europe.  

LONDON 26 April: Veneziano & Partners, the international regulatory advisory consultancy, has today launched an online digital repository containing European rules on fund distribution, called World Gondola. The product comes as a digital database that provides easy to digest information on European rules and regimes governing marketing, sale and distribution of European and non-European investment funds. The product is complemented by learning centres, video tutorials and consultancy assistance.  

The European rulebook on financial services is evolving at a very fast pace and specifically the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive has already changed from casual to complex the European landscape for marketing, sales and distribution of investment funds. EEA UCITS and Alternative Investment Funds enjoy a European passport for their marketing, whilst national private placement regimes are still available for non-European investment funds.  The rules on both marketing and national private placement have been created at a local level in Europe and are non-homogeneous, sometimes opaque and difficult to access.

“World Gondola is here to address the needs of fund managers who want a simple and effective repository of data on European fund passporting regulations, says Attilio Veneziano, founder at Veneziano & Partners. ”We have drawn on the deep reservoir of regulatory intelligence in the market and have tailored it to a specific audience of fund managers. Digital repositories on European Fund Distribution rules were affordable to few so far. We have changed that."

World Gondola will also make multi-jurisdictional marketing, sales and distribution of investment funds more efficient, accelerating the learning process and decreasing ongoing costs for compliance for these fund managers. World Gondola also offers the intelligence to manage complex cross-country European fund distribution projects as well as the hands-on operational support drawing on a global network of law firms and service providers.”

About Veneziano & Partners

Veneziano & Partners is a leading consulting boutique in the European regulation of cross-border fund distribution. In catering to a selected group of investment managers, hedge fund managers and financial institution worldwide, the firm offers a custom-made global fund registration service, enabling its clients to gain a competitive advantage in an ever increasingly regulated environment.

Find out more about World Gondola at:

Website: www.worldgondola.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/worldgondola/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/GondolaWorld?lang=en

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_dz_EQ0lSzc0Wnh6oEm8Q

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