Next generation news distribution

Deliver your news to the right places with PressHalo, the next generation press release distribution service.

PressHalo is a global news dissemination channel, bringing next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, developed in the finance industry, to help power your media relations campaigns.

Trying to put together a list of journalists from a commercial media database can take time, hours that can be spent usefully elsewhere. PressHalo is able to reach journalists you may not know, bloggers that do not appear on media databases, news breakers outside your immediate sector that may still prove useful.

Our news mapping capabilities mean we have a more complete picture of the influencers in the media space, based on their output and the timeliness of their work. This is a dynamic picture, constantly changing, and one our AI constantly monitors.


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A distribution list unlike any other

Good coverage is more than just a numbers game: with PressHalo your news is more likely to get a match with someone who is going to be interested in writing about you.

By using our AI’s unique ability to integrate data from different sources, identify patterns and relationships, PressHalo develops a personalized distribution list of media outlets, editors, journalists, bloggers, analysts and social media influencers most likely to find your news interesting.

Artifical intelligence

As other news develops or media interest evolves, PressHalo’s AI adapts and adjusts to help ensure that your news is always brought to the attention of right people, just when they might need to know about it.

Unlike traditional news distribution services which rely on keywords or phrases to match content to audience, PressHalo’s AI uses context-aware natural language processing to provide a deeper, richer and more detailed understanding of news. This allows PressHalo’s AI to analyze and discover patterns and relationships between news and audience. All this means PressHalo’s AI knows exactly who is most likely to find your news interesting.

Tradition is good

The surgical precision of AI-driven targeted news distribution is invaluable for improving engagement, increasing awareness and coverage. Delivering news to a wider, more general audience can also be beneficial for a particular news campaign.

PressHalo’s news distribution can also include more traditional channels, distributing news though newswire services, syndication platforms, social media, news aggregators and internet search engines.

From print, television and radio to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus+, PressHalo’s news distribution service can combine traditional media channels with powerful and adaptive AI to help your news reach the right people, at the right time.



Knowing your news is out there is one thing, but knowing people are consuming it is another.

PressHalo’s monitoring analytics are designed to help you understand just how effective your news is, and its relevance to the current output in your area of interest.

As post-release time unfolds, you are able to monitor your release as PressHalo identifies potential new interest in your news and distributes it.

We show you just how often your news is read though PressHalo, and because your news carries your website details, we’ll also tell you how often people visit your website from your news release.


PressHalo provides a suite of services to help you make the most of your press release and media campaigns.

Press release writing

PressHalo draws on a highly experienced team of press release writers to help you generate announcements that will make an impact. All our writers are ex-journalists or communications professionals with a minimum track record of 10 years. Benefit from the decades of newsroom experience which seasoned professionals can bring to your press release.

Press release hosting

Maximize your search engine optimization opportunities by publishing your news and press releases on our website. Brand your own personal press release library with your organization’s logo and colors and take advantage of our search engine positioning.